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  • 1.Analysis on Prospective of PVC Moulding Export

    China is a developing country with characteristics of low production level, rich workforces, cheap cost of production and excellent market prospects as other developing countries. However, the GDP per capita in China has already exceeded two thousand dollars. Meanwhile, China has possessed advanced ...

  • 2.What is PVC?

    PVC is a thermoplastic resin that is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. PVC was accidently invented in the 1800s and has been in use since the 1920s. During the 1950s, PVC started to be produced in large volumes as new innovative uses were invented. It offers a diverse and varied ran...

  • 3.What manufacturing process is used to make POTEN PVC foam board?

    POTEN PVC foam board/sheet is manufactured using Celuka Foam Extrusion, Simulation-Celuka foam Extrusion and Free Foam Extrusion. Those three difference processes provides Celuka, Rigid and Free Foam of PVC foam board to meet different applications' needs, while competitors are only able to offer Fr...

  • 4.What surfaces can POTEN PVC Moulding be attached to?

    Plaster, stucco, vinyl, brick, concrete or wood. Our moulding can be attached to any of the above surfaces.

  • 5.How many POTEN PVC foam board or mouldings can be put into a container?

    It depands, please contact us, our sales are pleased to answer your questions. Tel.: +86-20-6295 8799 E-mail: salestd@potentech.com

  • 6.Can you cut the PVC foam board and mouldings in custom size?

    Yes, we have facilities to cut the PVC foam board and mouldings in special sizes. If the size speciation is too complicated or the volume is too many, we will charge processing cost.

  • 7.What is the packing of POTEN PVC mouldings?

    The mouldings will be packed with a clear plastic bag, about 10 pcs per bag. Then put into a fumigation wooden frame cube, about 25 bags in a cube. Please have a look at the pictures below.

  • 8.What is the packing of POTEN PVC foam board?

    We have 2 styles of standard packing, with fumigation wooden pallet or packing with carton box. Please have a look at the pictures. If you need to put the foam board with carton box on the pallet, that will charge USD$35 per pallet additionally. Please have a look at the picture below.

  • 9.Do you charge for protective film on PVC foam board?

    Yes, the one side protective film is USD$0.65/㎡(clear film), USD$0.80/ ㎡(with custom Logo). If you require the protective film with custom Logo, we need to charge USD$350 for the Logo template additionally.

  • 10.What is the price of quotation?

    Our quotation is usually FOB (FOB Huangpu, China) price.

  • 11.What is the term of payment?

    For our regular products: 30% deposit for starting production, customers should payoff the balance before shipment. We accept T/T or L/C at sight.

  • 12.What is the usual delivery time?

    It depends on the order. The delivery time is about 10-35 days after receiving deposit.

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